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How to register M-Tag
How to register M-Tag
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  • Your device's Bluetooth is turned on.

  • You are near the M-Tag to be registered so that M-Tag Admin app can detect the device's MAC Id.

  1. Launch the M-Tag Admin App.

  2. Log in to the App.

    The M-Tag screen is displayed with the list of MAC Ids of the available M-Tags.

  3. Select the M-Tag to register.

    The M-Tag detail screen is displayed.

  4. Click Register.

    The M-Tag registration screen is displayed.

  5. Do the following on the registration screen:

    a. Enter Name of the M-tag.

    b. Select Application Name.

    c. Select Installation- Indoor or Outdoor.

    d. Select Mode. It is recommended to choose Optimal Performance.

    Note: Location field is auto-populated.

  6. Click Register.

    The M-Tag is listed as registered on successful registration.

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