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Log in to OloID CloudKey App with Google Sign in
Log in to OloID CloudKey App with Google Sign in
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This document provides instructions to log in to the OLOID CloudKey App using Google.


  • The App user should have a verified Google email account.

  • The App user should be an Oloid user. For more information on this, please contact your admin.

OLOID CloudKey App Login using Google

To log in to the OLOID CloudKey App using Google, follow the below steps:

  1. Launch the App. (If App is not present, download the app from App Store / Play Store).

  2. Enter the registered email ID in the Sign in page and click Next.

    The Select Account screen is displayed.

  3. Select your Account from the tenant list.

    Note: You can enter company code to search for your account.

    The tenant account is selected, tap on the tenant name to proceed.

  4. Tap Continue with Google.

  5. Tap Continue when OLOID CloudKey App prompts for permission to use Google account for logging in the app.

    The account is listed on the screen.

  6. Select the specific account.

    Note: If you have multiple accounts listed, select the same email ID entered in step 2.

    The Permission requested screen is displayed.

  7. Tap accept to successfully log in.

    You are successfully logged into the OLOID CloudKey app.

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