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Using the OloID CloudKey App Wallet
Updated over a week ago

The OLOID CloudKey App has four tabs: Wallet, Credentials, Activity, and Profile.


The Wallet screen shows the list of doors nearest to you. You can tap on the door name to open it.


  • You should have a valid OloID account.

  • You should have CloudKey credential assigned to the user.

To use the OloID CloudKey app Wallet:

  1. Launch the OloID CloudKey App.

    The Wallet page with a list of doors is displayed.

2. Tap on the door name.

The name bar color changes to yellow.

3. Upon successful communication with the CloudKey, the name bar color changes to green and the door opens.

Note: If your Wallet screen does not display the door names, you need to assign CloudKey credential to the user.

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