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OloID App Installation and Login
OloID App Installation and Login

How to install and Log into Oloid App

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OloID mobile app provides an easy contactless way to authenticate and provide secure access over your mobile. The OloID app allows you to unlock a door.

You can do it in two modes:

  1. Foreground mode: It supports opening the door by tap of a button.

  2. Auto Unlock mode: It supports opening the door by holding your hand against the M-Tag, by tapping on push notification or just enabling your Bluetooth which opens the door as you are within the range of M-Tag.

OloID app is compatible with all mobile devices. Below is a condensed list of compatible devices.

  • Android phones with OS 9 and above

  • iPhone with OS 12 and above

Pre-requisite: You should have a valid OloID account.

  1. Go to App Store or Play Store and download OloID App.

  2. Install the application and upon successful installation, open the app.

  3. Click Get Started.

  4. Enter Email ID and Click Next on the Sign In screen.

  5. Enter Company Code and click Apply.

    The Tenant is listed on the screen.

  6. Tap on the Tenant and click Apply.

  7. Enter your registered email id and click Next.

    Note: You can also use SSO login.

    A 6-digit code is sent to the registered email.

  8. Enter the 6-digit code to successfully log in.

    The Welcome screen is displayed.

  9. Click Allow when OloID App prompts for Bluetooth, location, and push notification permissions.

    The Wallet screen is displayed.

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