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Using the OloID App Wallet
Using the OloID App Wallet

This document describes how to use the Oloid App

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The OloID App has four tabs: Wallet, Credentials, Activity, and Profile.


The Wallet screen shows the list of doors nearest to you. You can tap on the door name to open it.


  • You should be near the M-Tag for your app to detect the door.

  • Your device Bluetooth should be enabled.

To use the OloID app Wallet:

  1. Launch the OloID App.

    The Wallet page with a list of doors is displayed.

2. Tap on the door name.

The name bar color changes to yellow.

3. Upon successful communication with the M-Tag, the name bar color changes to green and the door opens.

Note: If your Wallet screen does not display the door names, you need to move closer to the doors.

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