Assigning supervisor privileges
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A Supervisor is a user with onboarding rights on the app. They have admin mode access on Oloid Verify/Connect app. A supervisor cannot access the Oloid Platform.

To assign Supervisor privileges, you must be a Tenant Admin.

Before you assign supervisor privileges, you must add a Supervisor to Oloid Platform.

For adding an existing user as supervisor, see How to invite a Supervisor.

For adding a new user as a Tenant Supervisor see How to add and invite a Supervisor.

Steps to assign Supervisor Privileges

  1. Log in to the Oloid Portal.

  2. Go to User Profile > Settings.

  3. Click Admin Controls > Supervisors.

  4. Go to more options and select Add/Delete Applications.

  5. Follow the on screen instructions to assign applications to the Supervisor. For detailed instructions, see Adding/Deleting Applications for Supervisors.

The Supervisors are mapped to all endpoints associated with the assigned applications.

The Supervisor are assigned admin rights to all the Oloid Connect endpoints associated with the allocated applications.

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