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How to add face using the invite link in Oloid User Portal
How to add face using the invite link in Oloid User Portal
Updated over a week ago

The admin sends an email with an invite link for adding face. The link navigates the user to the self service portal where the user can upload his face.

To add face using invite link:

  1. Click on the invite link.

    The Oloid User Portal opens with Face Credential page.

    Note: You need to provide your consent to proceed to next steps if consent is enabled for you.

  2. Select Add Face.

    Note: Provide camera permission if prompted.

    This opens the camera on your device.

  3. Look at the camera to confirm your identity.

    The pop-up screen appears with the captured image.

  4. Do one of the following:

    1. Select Add Face to submit the image.

      The face is submitted successfully and is assigned as a face credential.

    2. Select Retake to take your photo again.

      The camera turns on to retake the photo.

      Note: You can add a maximum of five faces per user.

      Your face should be visible in the camera, or else it might get rejected. It is recommended to avoid wearing things that cover your facial features such as sunglasses, masks, headbands, etc.

The face is added successfully.

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