How to create location using endpoint
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Steps to create a new location through endpoint:

  1. Log in to the Oloid Portal.

  2. On the home page of the portal, click Endpoints on the left menu panel.

    The Endpoints page is displayed.

  3. Select endpoint name(s) from the listed endpoints.

  4. Go to Action dropdown and select Add Location.

    The Add Location pop-up box is displayed.

  5. On the pop-up box do the following:

    1. Click Select Location field.

      The search result lists existing locations.

    2. Click Add New.

      The Create Location pop-up box is displayed.

    3. Enter Location Name.

    4. Click Create.

      The location name is created and listed on the Location Settings page.

You can now add location details, for instructions on adding location details, see How to add location details.

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