How to install Oloid DeviceLock app
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The Oloid DeviceLock app is compatible with Android 6.0 and above devices.

Steps to install Oloid DeviceLock app:

  1. Download the Oloid DeviceLock apk file and double-click on the file to open.

  2. Tap Install.

    The installation process begins.

  3. After the installation is complete, tap Open.

    The app prompts for camera and recording permissions.

    Note: The Oloid Knox App Control page is displayed for Samsung devices. Tap Activate to protect your device.

  4. For camera and recording permissions, you can select:

    • While using the app: The app can use the permission only when you're using that app.

    • Only this time: The app can grant temporary one-time permission.

    • Don't allow: The app cannot use the permission, even when you’re using the app.

      The Appear on top page is displayed.

  5. Turn on Oloid DeviceLock to make sure that the app appears on top of other apps.

  6. Tap Back.

    The All files access page is displayed.

    Note: The Knox license activation page is displayed for Samsung Devices. On Knox license activation page, tap Agree.

  7. On All files access page, turn on Oloid DeviceLock to enable file access.

  8. Tap back.

    The Accessibility page is displayed.

  9. Tap Installed apps.

    The Oloid Accessibility Service page is displayed.

    Note: For Android 13.0, Restricted setting pop-up box is displayed.

    Tap OK.

    Note: Go to home screen, press and hold Oloid DeviceLock app for app info. Select more action on the top right. Tap Allow restricted settings. Tap back. Tap Oloid DeviceLock app.

    The Accessibility page is displayed.

  10. Turn on Oloid Accessibility Service toggle button.

    The app prompts Allow Oloid Accessibility Service to have full control of your tablet.

  11. Tap Allow.

    The Oloid DeviceLock app is installed and ready for use.

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