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How to create IDP Profile for OIDC-Okta
Updated over a week ago


Identity providers (IDP) helps the system store and verify the user identity. Oloid acts as IDP for Passwordless SSO use cases.

Steps to create IDP Profile for OIDC:

  1. Log in to the Oloid Portal.

  2. On the home page of the portal, select Auth Policies > Identity Provider.

    The Identity Provider Profiles page is displayed.

  3. Select Create IDP Profile in the top right corner.

    The Create New IDP Profile pop-up box is displayed.

  4. Do the following:

    1. Enter IDP Profile Name.

    2. Select OIDC as Auth Protocol.

    3. Select Next.

    4. Select Okta as IDP Provider for OIDC.

    5. Click Create.

    The IDP Profile for OIDC-Okta is successfully created.

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