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How to enroll for face using WebKey
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This document provides step-by-instruction to enroll your face through WebKey.


  • You must have an Okta account.

  • The Okta credential must be added to the user detail page. For more details, refer How to configure user details

  • Reference image must be added for face enrollment. Contact Oloid support to add your reference image.

To enroll for face login:

  1. Launch the WebKey Application URL in your browser.

  2. Select Enroll for Face Login.

  3. On the Enroll For Face Login page, enter your Employee ID (primary ID).

  4. Select Continue.

    The Consent page is displayed.

  5. Click Agree.

    This opens the camera on your device.

  6. Look at the camera to capture your face for enrollment.

  7. Do one of the following:

    1. Tap Yes- Submit to submit the image.

      The face is submitted successfully and is displayed on the details screen.

    2. Tap No- Retake to take the photo again.

      The camera turns on to retake the photo.

      Note: You can add a maximum of five faces per user. The user's face is added to the Oloid portal.

    You've now enrolled your face in the WebKey. You can go Home and successfully log in with face to access the Okta system.

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