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User Instructions to Operate M-Tag
User Instructions to Operate M-Tag
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You need to download the OloID App on your mobile phone.

For more information on how to download and install Oloid App, see Oloid App Installation and Login.

Once M-Tag is paired and user has logged into Oloid App, follow the below steps to open the door:

Note: The name assigned to M-Tag is displayed on the app as the door name.

  1. Come close to the M-Tag.

  2. Launch the Oloid App.

  3. App will show the wallet page and list of door names( M-Tags).

  4. User needs to tap on the door name. The name bar color will change to yellow.

  5. Upon successful communication with the M-Tag, the name bar color will change to green from yellow and the door will open.

You can also use the Auto Unlock feature of Oloid App to open the door.

It allows you to unlock the door without opening the app.

You can enable any one of the auto-unlock functions:

  • Background Unlock: Enabling background unlock in your app opens the door automatically as you are within the range of M-tag.

  • Push Notification Unlock: Enabling push notification, you get notifications on nearby doors with M-tag. Just tap on the door name to open the door.

  • Hold to Unlock: Enabling hold to unlock opens the door as you hold your hand in front of M-tag to unlock the door.

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