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M-Tag Admin App installation and login
M-Tag Admin App installation and login
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  • You should have a valid Company Code.

  • Your device Bluetooth should be turned on.

  • You should have the User name and Password to sign in to the app.

Note: User name and Password are the same as your Tenant Admin Portal.

1. Go to App Store and download M-Tag Admin App.

2. Install the application and upon successful installation, open the app.

3. Enter Company Code in the Verify to Continue screen to log in to the app and tap Apply.

The tenant is listed in the screen under Available Accounts.

4. Tap the Tenant then tap Apply.

The Sign in page is displayed.

5. Enter your registered email id and tap Next.

6. Enter Password and tap Login.

The welcome screen pops up followed by the M-Tag list screen. The M-tag screen displays the MAC Ids of the available M-Tags.

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