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Passwordless Authenticator
How Passwordless Authenticator works?
How Passwordless Authenticator works?
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OLOID's Passwordless Authenticator system provides a Facial Recognition solution with liveness detection, and a custom domain for the users to seamlessly log in to their Workforce Identity Platforms.

Passwordless Authenticator Process:

Onboard Users

Onboard users in Oloid's Tenant Admin Portal with email address.

Note: Email address must be same as in the Workforce Identity platforms.

Onboard User Faces

Onboard user faces in Oloid's Tenant Admin Portal.

Launch the URL

Launch the url in a browser.

Do Face Authentication

User comes in front of the screen for facial authentication.

Log into the Workforce Identity platforms

Once Oloid Face Authentication is done, user is logged into the Workforce Identity platforms.

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