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Set up Workday for Oloid Workflow integrations
Set up Workday for Oloid Workflow integrations
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Workday provides unified finance, human resources and student/faculty lifecycle management cloud applications designed for the way people work in today’s organisations.

Oloid workflow requires following Workday credentials for Rest API integration.

1. Rest API Endpoint

2. Authorization Endpoint

3. Token Endpoint

4. Client ID

5. Client Secret

6. Refresh Token

Here are the steps to set up API Client in Workday.

Step 1 – Get Endpoints

  • Go to the View API Clients page.

  • Take note of the below endpoints

    • Workday REST API Endpoint

    • Token Endpoint

    • Authorization Endpoint

Step 2 – Register API Client

  • Go to Register API Client in your Workday instance.

  • Give a meaningful Client Name.

  • Select Authorization Code Grant for Client Grant Type.

  • Select Bearer for Access Token Type.

  • Take note of Client ID and Client Secret before clicking done.

Step 3 – Generate New Refresh Token

  • Go to View API Clients.

  • Select the API Client created in Step 2.

  • Go to Action > API Client > Manage Refresh Tokens for integrations.

  • Select Generate new refresh token and take note of it.

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