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Set up Genetec Web SDK for Oloid Workflow integrations
Set up Genetec Web SDK for Oloid Workflow integrations
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Prerequisites and licensing requirements

  • An SDK part must be provided on the Security Center license.

  • The Web SDK option on the Security Center license must be

  • Config Tool client application.

Steps to add a Web-based SDK role to Security Center

  • To do this, open Config Tool > System > Roles > Add an entity. Select Web-based SDK and create the role.

  • Once the role has been created, go to the Properties tab of the role and make sure the port and streaming port are available. You can also change the base URI and enable SSL encryption (It is recommended that you use secure communication).

    Now that you have added and configured your Web-based SDK role, your Security Center system is ready to send requests.

Authentication for Genetec WebSDK APIs

When using the Web SDK, requests are sent through HTTP and authentication is
done using basic HTTP authentication. This process means that every call to the
API must include valid credentials. Authentication is composed of the following:

  • The login, composed of your Security Center username and a semicolon, and ending with the application ID tag from the Security Center SDK certificate.

  • The password of the specified Security Center user.


  • Login:

  • Password: ilOveSc!

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