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Set up C-Cure 9000 for Oloid Workflow integrations
Set up C-Cure 9000 for Oloid Workflow integrations
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To seamlessly integrate C-Cure 9000 APIs into the Oloid workflow, there are several prerequisites and steps that need to be undertaken. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you through the process.

C-Cure 9000

1. API Installation:

  • The Oloid Workflow Integration utilizes C-Cure’s Victor Web Services API.

  • If Victor Web Services is not yet installed on your system, refer to the Software House documentation and follow their instructions for installation.

2. Licensing:

  • The license for Victor Web Services is application-specific.

  • For the Oloid Workflow Integration to function correctly, you must purchase the license feature titled: “Oloid Workflow Integration”.

  • The License GUID for this feature is: “d6c59203-d7f9-48e8-a04f-8da3464c1ce4“.

3. License Installation:

  • Prior to installation of the license (though it can be done after), you must run the command below in an administrator Command Prompt on the CCure

    license server in order to update the C-Cure database to be aware of the Oloid Workflow Engine license feature.

"C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Tyco\\CrossFire\\InsertLicenseOption" /U /V
/S:"LOCALHOST" /N:"Oloid Workflow Integration" /A:"Oloid" /G:d6c59203-
d7f9-48e8-a04f-8da3464c1ce4 /C:2 /P:0

⚠️ The command example above assumes that C-Cure installed in the default location and that the C-Cure SQL Server database is at

“LOCALHOST” in the default instance of SQL Server. If that is not the case in your environment, replace /S:”LOCALHOST” with the name

/port/instance of your SQL Server

‼️ The Crossfire services must be restarted after running the license feature database installation script and installation of the license.

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