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Set up ProWatch for Oloid Workflow Integrations
Set up ProWatch for Oloid Workflow Integrations
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Here are the steps to set up ProWatch for Oloid workflow integrations.

Step 1 : Install license to use ProWatch Web API

Please get in touch with official Honeywell representative to acquire license to use ProWatch Web API.

Step 2 : Install ProWatch Web API

Configure ProWatch Web API

  • Open ‘PW-DTU-WinService.exe.config’ file.

  • Make below changes to the file.

  • Save the file.

Install ProWatch Web API as a Windows Service

  • Open Command window in administrator mode.

  • Go to ProWatch Web API installation folder.

  • Run this command – Install_PW_API_Service.bat

Configure ProWatch Web API Service

  • Open Windows Services application (type “services.msc” in RUN window).

  • Search for “ProWatch Web API” service.

  • Right click the entry and select Properties.

  • Go to Log On tab and set windows admin user for “This account” option.

  • Start the service.

Step 3 Create ProWatch User for Web API Access

  • Open ProWatch application.

  • Go to Administration > Users.

  • Right click and select New Users.

  • Fill up user form as shown below.

  • Select “Add All” to add all available workstations and click Finish.

  • Right click on the user entry and select Properties.

  • Set “Web Password” in User Information tab.

  • Click OK.

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