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Set up S2 NetBox for Oloid Workflow integrations
Set up S2 NetBox for Oloid Workflow integrations
Updated over a week ago

Here are the steps to set up S2 Netbox for Oloid workflow integrations.

Step 1 : Create Use Role for API privilege in S2 NetBox

When creating a user role, you can set specific permissions for API privilege. Below is the list of available permissions. Please select Read-Only or Read-Write based on your usecase.

None – No access to the NBAPI

Read-Only – Ability to execute NBAPI read-only commands that retrieve information from a system—such as GetReader, SearchPersonData, and GetAccessHistory.

Read-Write – Ability to execute NBAPI read-write commands that make changes to a system—such as ModifyPerson, ActivateOutput, and LockPortal.

Step 2 : Create a User with API privilege

  • Go to Administration > People Add

  • Enter First Name and Last Name for the user.

  • Go to Login section

    • Enter User Name and Password for API privilege.

    • Select api privilege User Role created in step-1.

  • Save the User.

Here, api_access User Role has api privileges.

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