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Instruction for Workflow Instance Setup
Instruction for Workflow Instance Setup
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1. Python 3.10.x (prerequisite)

2. Node JS 14.x (prerequisite)

3. Oloid Workflow application

Steps to Install Python

1. Double click on Python-3.10.x → Select Install launcher for all users (recommended) checkbox → Choose Customize installation → Click Next.

2. Select the following checkboxes and click Install.

  • Install for all users

  • Associate files with Python

  • Create shortcuts for installed applications

  • Precompile standard library

3. Wait till Setup progress is successful.

Steps to Install Node JS

1. Double click on node-v14.x and click Next on the pop-up screen to continue with the installation.

2. Accept the license agreement and click Next.

3. Click Next on Destination Folder screen.

4. Click Next on Custom Setup screen.

5. Check the Automatically install the necessary tools and click Next.

6. Click Install.

7. Click Finish.

The Command line screen opens.

8. Press Enter.

Wait until Windows starts PowerShell and successfully complete installation.

9. Press Enter to exit.

Steps to Install Oloid-Workflow

1. Double click on Oloid-Workflow

The OloidWorkflow Setup Wizard is displayed.

2. Click Next on the OloidWorkflow Setup Wizard welcome screen.

3. Click Next on the Select Installation Folder screen.

4. Click Next on the Confirm Installation screen.

5. Wait till the Oloid Workflow installation is complete.

6. Open Microsoft Services in the instance and see that Oloid Workflow service is up and running.

7. To verify Workflow is installed→ Enter localhost: 3000 in your browser.

The Login page is displayed.

8. Enter username and password → Click Login.

The Oloid Workflow application page is displayed.

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