How to import a flow?

This document provides step by step instruction on how to import a flow in Oloid Workflow Application.

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Steps to import a Flow

  1. Launch your chrome browser.

  2. Enter localhost: 3000 in your browser address bar. Then, press Enter on your keyboard.

    The Workflow Login page is displayed.

  3. Enter username and password in the appropriate fields.

  4. Click Login.

    The Oloid Workflow application page is displayed.

  5. Click Import on the top menu.

    The Import Nodes pop-up box is displayed.

  6. Click Import from file in the pop-up box.

  7. Select the json file to be imported from your system.

    The json flow data is displayed in the Import Nodes window.

  8. Verify the json flow data and Click Import.

    The file import success message is displayed. It shows the number of flows and nodes imported.

  9. Click Deploy.

    The file is successfully deployed and displayed as a tab in the Workflow Application.

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