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Enabling PingOne SSO
Updated over a week ago

Follow the below steps to configure login with PingOne on Oloid Portal:

  1. Sign in to the Ping Identity Administrator Console with your PingOne account credentials.

  2. Create a new Environment and select Customer solution.

  3. Go to the newly created environment and select Applications from the left menu and add a new Application.

  4. On the new application page provide a friendly name and select OIDC web app and Save.

  5. Select the newly created application from the application list.

  6. In the application Profile page, enable the app using the switch button next to the application name.

  7. Select OpenID Connect settings from Overview tab and add the redirect URI.

    Note: Please contact Oloid Support for the redirect URL

  8. Select the Configuration tab, and do the following:

    1. Copy the OIDC discovery endpoint from URLs section.

    2. Copy the ClientID and Client secret from General section.

    3. Change the mode to edit. Then, under the Token endpoint authentication method change the value to Client Secret Post, and select Save.

  9. Select Resources tab and enable openID, email and profile scopes.

  10. Share ClientID, Client secret and OIDC discovery endpoint with Oloid support.

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