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How to install Supervisor App
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Applications to be installed:

All the above files are available for download in Oloid platform, refer to How to download Supervisor App?

Installation Procedure

Steps to install .Net SDK:

  1. Download the dotnet-sdk-6.0.416-win-x64 file on your system.

  2. Click dotnet-sdk-6.0.416-win-x64 file to open.

  3. Click Install.

    The installation process begins.

  4. On successful installation, click Close.

Steps to install Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable:

  1. Download the VC_redist.x64 file on your system.

  2. Click VC_redist.x64 file to open.

  3. Select the license agreement checkbox and click Install.

    The installation begins.

  4. On successful installation, restart your system.

    Note: You must install the Windows installer file before restarting your system.

Steps to install Supervisor App file:

  1. Download OloidPasswordlessSupervisor.Setup.msi file on your system.

  2. Select OloidPasswordlessSupervisor.Setup.msi and run it to install the application.

  3. On the Oloid Passwordless Supervisor Setup wizard, click Next.

  4. Use the default path to install the application and click Next.

  5. Click Next to confirm the installation.

  6. Click Close after the installation is complete.

    You can find the app icon on your desktop. For first-time installation, it is recommended to restart your system.

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