Getting Started with Oloid M-Tag
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Getting Started with Oloid M-Tag

M-Tag is a retrofit hardware device that enables communication between card readers and Mobile App by translating Bluetooth signals to RF card signal.

M-Tag devices allow customers to authenticate employees or visitors to gain access to their company premises using Bluetooth.

M-Tag setup process involves four simple steps:

1. Install M-Tag

2. Register M-Tag

3. Configure users in Oloid Admin Portal

4. Download Oloid App and use the mobile app to unlock the door.

What you'll need:

  • M-Tag Hardware

  • M-Tag Admin app

  • Oloid App

For instructions to attach the M-Tag hardware to the existing badge reader, see How to install M-Tag.

For instructions to register the M-Tag through the M-Tag Admin App, see Registering M-Tag.

For instructions to configure users, see Configuring M-Tag Users.

For Instructions to use M-Tag, see User Instructions to Operate M-Tag.

For information on Oloid App, see Getting Started with OloID App.

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