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Pairing Supervisor tablets to Passwordless Application
Pairing Supervisor tablets to Passwordless Application
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Pairing Supervisor tablets involves associating endpoints with Passwordless application.

An application is mapped to connections in the Oloid Platform. Pairing tablets ensures that the right users within the mapped connections can effectively utilize the associated endpoint and application.


  • You should be a Tenant Admin.

  • Application, Connections, and template (optional) are configured in Oloid Portal.

Step-by-Step Pairing Process

  1. Log in as Admin to Oloid Verify/Connect App.

    The Settings page is displayed.

  2. Add the required details in the Settings page.

  3. Click Pair.

For detailed step by step instructions see, How to pair endpoint

Pairing an endpoint automatically creates endpoint ID in the Oloid portal and the endpoint details are added to the Endpoint section of Oloid Portal.

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