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Setting up and using Supervisor App
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Supervisor App

The Supervisor App is a Windows-based admin application that allows the configuration of Windows Login app. The Supervisor can set up endpoints, manage users and shared credentials with multiple authentication methods such as badge, PIN, and password. Additionally, it provides network diagnostics, badge reader updates, and sync configuration. The app also works offline through the Oloid Proxy feature.

Download and Installation

  • Download the Supervisor App installer files.

  • Install the downloaded Supervisor App installer files.

For instructions to download the file, refer How to download Supervisor App

For instructions to install the file, refer How to install Supervisor App



For Supervisor to use the app and access its features, the configuration must be performed in the Oloid Platform.

For details, refer to the following guides:


Endpoint pairing in Supervisor generates an endpoint ID with endpoint details in the Oloid Portal.

For details, refer to the following guides:

Once the endpoint is paired successfully, you can log into the Supervisor App. Refer How to log into Supervisor App

Admin Home

User Management

The Supervisor can add or delete user only when the Add User Action button is enabled in the Oloid Portal by the tenant admin.

For details, refer to the following guides:

Based on customer request, Supervisor can assign credentials from Supervisor App.

Set up the following based on your need:

Shared Credential

To create shared credential and share among users, see How to create Shared Credentials using the Supervisor App

For details, refer to the following guides:


To manage and configure settings, refer to the following guides:

Enroll Badge

To enroll badge and PIN, refer the following guides:

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