Setting up consent management templates
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You need the following to set up consent management templates.

Step 1: Create Consent Template

Consent Documents are created to take user permission, primarily for using their face to establish their identity. During on-boarding of face, the user will be prompted to provide consent to store and use the face for different applications within the workplace.

To create consent template, see How to create a consent template

Step 2 : Configure Consent Template

You can customize consent options depending on your organizations needs.

To configure Consent Template, see How to configure consent template

Step 3: Enable Consent for Connection

Enabling Consent for Connection requires user to provide consent for using the associated applications.

Step 4: Add template to Connection

Select the Consent template to be used for the Connection.

A Consent template specifies the terms and conditions , permission from user to collect and utilize facial data for identity verification within the workplace.

Note: The status of the template should be Published, to be used for the connections.

To add template and enable consent for connection see, How to add consent before accepting a user picture

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