FAQs Oloid Connect application
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What is an endpoint?

Endpoints are the devices like iPad, Android Phone, iPhone, etc. that allows customers to authenticate employees or visitors in their company premises

How to download the application?

How to enter into an admin mode?

Admin Mode: In this mode a user with an admin role can configure the endpoints and onboard users and their related data like face, user name, primary id, secondary id, etc.

To enter into an admin mode, see Oloid Connect: App Installation and Admin Setup

How to pair an endpoint?

How to add users on the endpoint?

How to onboard faces on the endpoint?

How to see the endpoint details on the endpoint?

How to test Network Connectivity on the endpoint?

What are OnDevice transactions?

An OnDevice transaction refers to a transaction that occurs directly on the device without the need for cloud-based connections.

How to make sure transactions go OnDevice?

To make sure transactions go OnDevice, you must add the endpoint and the user to the same group.

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