Windows Device Agent App Set up Process
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The setup process of Windows Device app involves the following:

Platform Provisioning

  1. Login to the Oloid Platform using your credentials.

  2. Create an application. Select application type as Passwordless >> Windows Login >> Single Factor Authentication (SFA). For detailed instructions, see How to create and configure Windows Login application guide.

  3. Under Applications >> Authenticator tab , enable the credentials that you want to use.

    Note: Pin does not work as an SFA.

  4. Create a connection and enable it for the application created in the previous step. For detailed instructions, see

  5. Add users to the connection created in the previous step. For detailed instructions, see How to add user guide.

  6. Add the following under User section:

    1. Under Credentials, add Face , Badge , and Passwords.

    2. If shared credentials are required , add the shared credentials and assign them to the required users. For detailed instructions, see How to create Shared credentials and assign it to users

    3. Please check if the installer files (Net SDK, C++ Redistributable, Oloid Windows Device Login) are added for your login under file sharing option. If these are not present, contact Oloid support. If the files are present, download all the three files in the machine where you want to use the application. For detailed instructions on downloading the files ,see How to download Windows Device Login installer files?

Installation of the Application

Pre requisite: All the three installer files should be downloaded on that machine from the Platform.

  1. Install the downloaded files on the machine. For detailed instructions , see Windows Device Login Setup guide.

  2. Now, restart your system to use Windows Device Login app.

Post Installation process

Application configs

Pre requisite: Application was successfully installed without any errors. Check if there is an Oloid folder in C:\ ( c drive).

  1. Click on the Application shortcut seen on the desktop.

  2. Configure the Windows Device with Tenant. For detailed instructions, see

Test the application

Pre-requisite: In case you want to use badge, the badge reader needs to be connected to the machine.

  1. Lock the machine.

  2. Click on Sign-in options.

  3. Click on Oloid logo.

  4. Do one of the following

    1. Click Login with Face.

      The camera is switched on. Show your face. On successful facial authentication , you are logged in to the system. For detailed instructions, see How to log in to Windows device using face through Windows device Login app? guide.

    2. Click Login with Badge.

      The badge scanner is displayed. Tap the Badge on the Badge Reader to scan it. On successful badge authentication, you are logged into the system. For detailed instructions, see How to log in to Windows device using Badge through Windows device Login app guide.

      On successful testing, the Windows device is ready to use.

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