How to add user using Supervisor App
Updated over a week ago

To add user:

  1. Log in to Supervisor App.

    The Admin Home screen is displayed.

  2. Select User Management.

    The Users screen is displayed.

  3. Select +Add User at the top right.

    The Add User screen dialog box is displayed.

  4. Do the following:

    1. Enter Name.

    2. Enter Primary ID.

    3. Enter Secondary ID.

    4. Click Select Connection.

      Note: You must add connection(s) to the selected application in the Oloid Portal.

    5. Click Add User.

    The user is successfully added and listed on the Users screen.

    Note: The Add and Delete User buttons are displayed only when it is enabled in the Oloid Portal. If you are not able to see the buttons, contact your Admin.

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