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ProWatch Account
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Pro-Watch provides users control of their building security through an integrated solution of network video recording technology, access management, and cloud connected ecosystems.

Steps to add ProWatch Account

1. Click Accounts on top right of main page.

The Accounts pop-up box is displayed.

2. Select ProWatch from the displayed accounts.

The Add Account pop-up screen is displayed.

3. To add a ProWatch account, you will need following information.



Account Name

A unique name that identifies which ProWatch instance it is connected to.


A ProWatch Web API URL


A ProWatch workstation name


Username to connect to ProWatch instance.


Password to connect to ProWatch instance.

4. Click Test to test for connectivity & validating the credentials (optional but recommended).

5. Click Add Account.

The Account is created and listed in the Accounts page.

How to associate ProWatch Account to a Trigger/Action Node

While creating a flow, whenever you are using ProWatch action/trigger node, you can associate ProWatch account in the second tab of node config pop-up box.

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