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Pro-Watch to ServiceNow Incident Automation and Ticketing Integration
Pro-Watch to ServiceNow Incident Automation and Ticketing Integration
Updated over a week ago

This automation template streamlines the monitoring and incident response process by integrating Pro-Watch Access Control System with ServiceNow. By automatically detecting specific events such as β€˜panel down’ or β€˜door forced open’ etc. in Pro-Watch, it seamlessly creates tickets in ServiceNow to ensure that the relevant teams are promptly notified and can take immediate action.

Features include:

Real-time Monitoring:

Continuous monitoring of Pro-Watch Access Control System for predefined critical events.

Automatic Ticket Creation in ServiceNow:

Tickets are automatically generated in ServiceNow with detailed event information.

Customizable Alert Criteria:

Customize the criteria for events that trigger ticket creation, tailoring the workflow to suit your organization's needs.

Incident Classification:

Automatic categorization of incidents based on event type for effective prioritization.

Status Sync:

Keep track of incident status with bi-directional synchronization between Pro-Watch and ServiceNow.

Escalation Management:

Automatic escalation of high-priority incidents to appropriate teams or personnel.

Reporting and Analytics:

Generate reports and analyze data for incident patterns and response efficiency.

Leverage this automation template to bolster the security of your premises and improve the efficiency and accuracy of your incident response process.

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