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Pro-Watch to Everbridge Critical Event Response Automation
Pro-Watch to Everbridge Critical Event Response Automation
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This automation integration between Pro-Watch Access Control System and Everbridge Critical Event Management facilitates real-time monitoring, communication, and response to security events. By synchronizing these two systems, organizations can achieve streamlined and intelligent incident response.

Key features:

Event-Triggered Notifications:

When Pro-Watch detects a security event (such as unauthorized access, door forced open, or panel down), Everbridge is automatically triggered to send notifications via SMS, email, or phone call to the appropriate personnel or teams.

Dynamic Communication Routing:

Depending on the nature and severity of the event detected by Pro-Watch, Everbridge routes communications to different individuals or teams, ensuring that the right people are informed and can respond quickly.

Access Control During Critical Events:

During a critical event, Pro-Watch can be configured through Everbridge to lock down or release certain doors or areas automatically, based on the nature of the event.

Two-Way Communication Integration:

Enable security personnel to communicate with Everbridge through Pro-Watch to manually trigger alerts, or provide status updates during an incident.

Automated Evacuation Procedures:

In case of emergencies like fire or hazardous material incidents, automation can initiate evacuation procedures, sending out messages through Everbridge and controlling egress paths through Pro-Watch.

Roll Call and Mustering:

In the event of an evacuation, the integration can automate roll-call processes and direct personnel to mustering points. Pro-Watch can be used to confirm the presence of individuals at mustering points, and Everbridge can consolidate this information for headcount.

Incident Reports and Analysis:

After an incident is resolved, generate detailed reports of the event, the response actions taken, and communications sent out, which can be used for analysis, compliance, and improving incident response strategies.

By integrating Pro-Watch with Everbridge, organizations are better equipped to respond to critical events swiftly and efficiently, ensuring the safety of their premises and occupants.

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